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E92 E87 B87 E24 Clinical Equine Oncology by Derek C. Donnelly Call Number: SF E95 C42 W Clostridial Diseases of Animals by Francisco A. Uzal; John F. Prescott; J. Glenn Songer; Michel R.

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Popoff Call Number: SF C6 C56 Millichamp Call Number: SF D95 B57 Alternate title: Diseases and Disorders of Cattle. C72 K C74 Scott Call Number: SF S37 Gelatt; Caryn E. Plummer Call Number: SF G45 Mouwen; I.

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A75 Companion Animal Zoonoses by J. C66 Constantinescu Call Number: SF C56 Ramey; Bernard E. Rollin Call Number: SF R36 H69 Dierauf; Frances M. Gulland; Karyl L. Whitman Call Number: SF M35 C73 C87 Sprayberry; N. C Reference collection. Samper; Angus O. McKinnon; Jonathan F. Pycock Call Number: SF H67 S Youngquist; Walter R. Threlfall Call Number: SF C83 Mader; Stephen J.

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Divers Call Number: SF R4 C87 Reference collection. Alternate title: Reptile Medicine and Surgery. Alternate title: Food Animal Practice, 5th edition. D18 B Ross; Sue J. Dyson Call Number: SF L25 R67 Diagnostic and Surgical Arthroscopy in the Horse, 4th edition by C. Nixon Call Number: SF J64 D53 Cowell; Ronald D. C97 Graham Call Number: SF K43 Taylor; Tim J. Brazil; Mark H. Hillyer Call Number: SF D53 N48 G Appleby; Peter Sandoe; Daniel M.

Weary Call Number: No print copy. Diseases and Disorders of Cattle by A. Diseases of Dairy Cattle, 3rd edition by Simon F.

Peek; Thomas J. R43 Alternate title: Rebhun's Diseases of Dairy Cattle.

Richardson Call Number: SF G84 R53 Diseases of Poultry, 13th edition by David E. D69 D Diseases of Swine by Jeffrey J. Zimmerman; Locke A. Karriker; Alejandro Ramirez; Kent J. Schwartz; Gregory W. D57 Diseases of the Goat, 4th edition by John G. Matthews Call Number: SF M37 Dog Behavior by James C. Campion Call Number: SF H3 R66 Wiebe Call Number: SF Plunkett Call Number: SF P58 Later print edition available.

SF P58 , 3rd edition. Equine Acute Abdomen, 3rd edition by Anthony T. Blikslager; Nathaniel A.

White; James N. Moore; Tim S. Mair Call Number: SF C6 E68 Hubbell; William W. Muir Call Number: SF E54 Geor; Manfred Coenen; Patricia A. Harris Call Number: SF G46 M Equine Behavioral Medicine by Bonnie V. B43 Equine Behaviour by Daniel S. Mills; Kathryn J.

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Nankervis Call Number: SF M58 Samper Call Number: SF E68 Equine Clinical Immunology by M. Julia B.


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Felippe Call Number: SF E Equine Clinical Pathology by Raquel M. Walton Call Number: SF Equine Clinical Pharmacology by Joseph J.

Bertone; Linda J. Horspool Call Number: SF B47 Equine Color Genetics, 4th edition by D. M66 E69 Equine Dermatology, 2nd edition by Danny W. S54 S36 Equine Emergencies, 4th edition by James A. Orsini; Thomas J.


O77 Equine Exercise Physiology by Kenneth W. Hinchcliff; Raymond J. Equine Fluid Therapy by C. Langdon Fielding; K. Gary Magdesian Call Number: No print copy. Equine Infectious Diseases, 2nd edition by Debra C. B86 Equine Internal Medicine 4th ed. Reed; Warwick M. Bayly; Debra C. Sellon Call Number: SF Equine Laminitis by James K. Belknap ; Raymond J. Geor Call Number: SF L3 E75 Equine Manual, 2nd edition by Jack R. Snyder; Andrew J. Higgins Call Number: SF Smith; Grant S.

Murray Call Number: SF Henson Call Number: SF N47 E68 Equine Ophthalmology, 3rd edition by Brian C. Gilger Call Number: SF E93 G55 Bernard; Bonnie S. Barr Call Number: No print copy.