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This exhibition presents five new works created during the biennial six-week Artist Residency that occurred from the end of May until the beginning of July in Verbier, Switzerland. How can contemporary art transform our understanding of the complex entanglements caused by proliferating mutations in the environment and society? The artists were invited to live in the reclusive mountain town of Verbier and become fully immersed within the context of place encouraging them to consider the relationship of their practice to not only the proposed theme, but also to existing pieces, the landscape features, history and current perspective of the site.

The video work developed during the Residency will be released later this year.

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From the writings of Ramuz, particularly Derborence and Farinet, their project is a continuation, somewhat subversive, on precarious housing in the mountains. Beyond this, the Swiss tradition of digging and carving the mountains for various habitats, military infrastructure, or ski areas, Antoine also references essential writing in the history of architecture: Bunker Archaeology by Paul Virilio, edited for first time in and describing his fascination with military architecture conducted on principles of camouflage.

The mini-residence is hid with a rock that will sit on the edge of the Park as about to fall at any moment.

These two areas are often intertwined in his recent work and have been realised in his latest work for the Park. Erected in the ruins of a modernist structure that was removed earlier this year, Unity Temple references a ritualistic response to constant change on the mountain combined with the immediate need for survival.

The destruction of this past installation represents a sign of instability, both structural, economical and spiritual. As ruins are remnants of past realities, they become memorials to decay and evolution, with change often happening brutally with no signs of departure.

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Ritualistically building with sand bags in a repetitive and quick motion, Hayward finds solace in the renewal of a contemporary temple for visitors to find refuge from inevitable change. This practice also refers to survival wartime situations of urgent necessity to be sheltered. The title Unity Temple gives reference to the first modern building using concrete as both a structural and aesthetical material by architect Frank Loyd Wright, which was actually a church.

Rooted in the tradition of the artist-engineer, she creates ergonomic and kinetic sculptures sympathetic to human embrace as well as complex line drawings that embody her love for architecture and dance.

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Bailey constructed Our Impermanent Walk as an interactive kinetic sculpture inspired by the wings of the first flying machines. The sculpture-device serves to experiment with proprioception and express finite moments of equilibrium. The concept is literally and metaphorically about groundlessness, impermanence, trust and collaboration. They are bound to collaborate to find their balance. Tarik Hayward, Unity Temple , Andrea Hasler, Perishable Goods , In the current global political-economic and ecological crisis, old hierarchies and certainties are crumbling and new realities are emerging at a rate and a profundity that we are yet to fully comprehend.

New hybrid and strangely familiar aesthetic forms and strategies are emerging that are attempting to navigate the mutations of worlds and life forms. Sculpture, new media, performance and other art forms no longer conform to hierarchical and outmoded structures of feeling and affect from the machine age.

What are the emerging forms of mutation in contemporary art practices? Each Sunday in June Verbier 3-D will offer Weekend Courses throughout the residencies to provide unparalleled opportunities for participants to gain knowledge and insight into artistic practices and the international art world. Each course is designed to address the specific needs and interests of its participants. Take heart in the knowledge that these scores do not in any way indicate that achievement at Walls or Wilson has dropped!


Go off-the-wall with Gertrude Stein & the first Foyler August challenge!

If folks at the schools have concerns that shifts in programming, budget or anything else have effected achievement, these issues should be carefully examined. That kind of insularity produces bad decisions. In this case, the result is unusable test scores. In other cases, the result is that students get a lesser-quality education. This is why, in discussions around hiring a new Chancellor, I have been very clear: It is vital that the mayor hire someone who is committed to taking seriously the voices of school communities—parents, students and staff.

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People at the school level have an intimate understanding of how issues are playing out. But, there needs to be a balance. Increasingly, DCPS has been acting in ways that have willfully neglected and rejected the input and information from school communities. Learn more about her work with the school system at ruth4schools. See osse. Wilson HS had many more valid test takers and far, far lower results. Forest Hills Connection is produced by volunteers, and supported by you.

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Go off-the-wall with Gertrude Stein & the first Foyler August challenge!

Read the symposium program PDF , including descriptions of plenaries. Our symposium was great! Thank you to our presenters, attendees, and volunteers.

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We look forward to talking more with everyone as we develop the Crow system. Nor is it enough to look outward, seeking to appeal to STEM by adopting a service role.