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This is a nebulous point still.

But I leave the inconsistency because I do not want this point to remain "glossed over" into history. My childe Beckett uses this point to bolster his allegorical fancies. Even now, he travels to Harvard college, there to study some ancient texts discovered in a well in the Sudan. He keeps hoping to discover some more of what he calls "antediluvian" mural works, the poor boy. There has been argument on both sides of the following issue: Was Caine imprisoned in Lilith's house, under her control, or did Caine stay there as an honored guest?

This question is never fully answered, but might lend an interesting perspective if it could be proved one way or the other. Perhaps, as some have suggested, the situation involved a little of both. I have translated these words specifically in this fashion out of the advice of one Haphaestus a friend of mine who was once a part of the mystical Tradition known as the Order of Hermes.

He maintains that Lilith was no woman, no demoness.

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This is the story of that awakening. I believe that what he says has merit, and it certainly fits in the translation of the story. If it is true that Caine was a wizard as well as Lilith, then the Tremere may indeed be "closest to Caine: - a theory to which Beckett violently objects.

Hephaestus indicates that this stanza may point to Lilith being perhaps the founder or one of the first supplicants in the magick Tradition know as Verbena, which uses blood in its rituals. This is often translated as "And then I fell into Hell. Once again, not to cross-mythologize too much.

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I was unable to come up with a cognate that would fit. Still, I feel that they do not hamper the overall "feel" of the narrative, and so they remain. Their traditional Cabalistic correspondences also remain as they were originally written. This is perhaps a strong rebuff of the "One Above. This is the legendary "Curse of Fire. It set up an eternal enmity between the Kindred and the singular source of life in the world: the fire. Fire was the mortals' way of keeping out the darkness, the wolves. It provided a center of community and allowed them to create new technologies.

This put us out of that light forever, and was designed to make us outcast forever.

The explosive conclusion.

It is perhaps this particular curse with, also made hospitality so important among the Kindred. Uriel's role as the Angel of Death would place him in the ultimate position to be the vessel of God's judgment on Caine. Only through Uriel would God Himself choose to punish our Father. Note here that Uriel is offering not to preserve Caine, but rather to "take him to his reward. I can find no other reference to "eating ashes. This is perhaps a poetic statement, ft certainly emphasizes that Caine is consuming his own sadness. The fact that there is an important diamond city in India also called Golconda may or may not have bearing to this particular stanza.

I am beginning to think that the term was originally coined by Saulot, who was known to travel to the Far and Middle East on quests of enlightenment. I have heard of additional sections here describing more of the powers Caine developed.

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According to my old friend Malk Content, the original version of this went on for 1. Zillah, sometimes translated as "Sylah. A version of this tale is told by some of the oldest of the Russian Kindred, and I have reason to believe it has roots in Russian folktales. Remember that, among Kindred, there is no "incest" taboo in lusting after the blood of your childe. Indeed, this is perhaps indicative of the Methuselahs attitudes: they often create childer to feed upon.

A flagrant transliterative idiom, but one that I felt had literary importance. Imagine Caine with a full, long beard, tugging on it! This is perhaps the only descriptive feature of Caine that we have on record, and its provenance is impure. This Crone remains a mystery to archaeologists trying to locate the source of this story. In sticking with his allegorical paradigm, Beckett suggests that she may be a metaphor for the lust we have for blood and the control it has over us.

Another clue: she is affiliated with the Moon. I originally believed this pointed to her origins as a Lupine shaman, but I learned from my Gangrel friends that they do not twist their spells in such fashion. In Enoch, marriage between Kindred was common.

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I have read fragments of the "Love Hymn to Zillah" which has led me to believe that it carried with it specific ownership of all house slaves and property, as well as special privileges such as the ability to temporarily invoke one's spouses' power. The traditional Lunar year. It is such a mythological cliche, especially among the "Wise Woman" traditions of the pagan folk. This is perhaps the best-known part of the Book of Nod. Because of the frequent copying by the Tremere and Ventrue Clans of this fragment, there arc many colloquial versions of it.

My first task was to totally disregard these "popular" versions, and go on to tackle the truth of the matter. Thus, you see my translations of the "non-traditional" verses in brackets. These are a collection of pieces and fragments that I have unearthed during my many travels. I must admit that I have used a considerable amount of personal prudence in determining the contents of this book. This is because there are known complete versions of the Chronicle of Shadows.

In fact, many of the scholars who have researched this Chronicle claim that it is not a part of the Book of Nod, but rather a creation if the scholars and writers of Carthage who took poetic license in writing down "Caine's Laws. Choros, who was an admitted member of the Sabbat, told me that he believed the Chronicle of Shadows to be a collection of propaganda created by the Camarilla to support its tyrannical reign.

I do not believe this to be the case, but it is quite uncanny that many of Caine's Laws and the Traditions of the Camarilla dovetail. It is my sincerest hope that these fragments are not some elaborate Malkavian prank, especially the thirteen commandments, which were provided on authentically aged tablets. Still, they were too enticing to leave out. So, Iharkav , if you are reading this and you've tricked me, a point in your favor, and I'll be sure to exact revenge when next I see you!

The Unwilling

Hear the words of Caine Law-Giver: "Thou shall not make Progeny against My will and if you are given leave, then choose of those Children of Adam well, think of them as your future Brother or Sister. Know thou that. Thou shalt not suffer your Childe to live If it is found that he has killed one of your Brothers and has drunk his hearts blood. This is the Serpents Way, and I will not abide it. Thou shalt not Embrace those who are diseased, insane, or full of ill humors, for they will taint the Blood.

Neither should you taste of their blood, for they are forbidden, they bring Death to our door. Hear the words of Caine Law-Giver: "We are given Dominion over the line of Seth, third son of Adam, as he is our youngest Brother, we will watch over his Children as if they were our own, we will show them the right way, and in return, they will serve us all of their days.

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  6. They will advise us, and we will listen to their advice. They will worship us, and we must not allow their worship. Thou shall not become as a God to the Children of Seth. Remember gentle-faced Ashtareth, Remember golden-fat Baal. Remember strong Tammauz, Know thou that the Children of Seth will rise up with weapons from the One Above, and conquer us, should we be as Gods to them. Thou shall cleanse their blood, and keep all of them free from disease. Of Those Who Serve Those you choose to bless with the Potence of Caine, may come to live within your house, to protect you, let no one Embrace these guardians, let them be given blood at the appropriate time: let their Strength be your Strength, Strength that does not abate with the sun, let their Eyes be your Eyes, Eyes that can see in the day.

    Let their Ears be your Ears, Ears that can hear while you slumber. Let those who serve be named greatest of the Children of Seth. Let them enjoy the fine cloth of the Kindred. Let them enjoy the gentle music of the Kindred. Let them know the sweetness of our wine.