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One possibility is that the chemicals found in paint, varnish, metalworking, and farming pesticides, for example may damage sperm. For metal workers, it could also possibly be a problem with overheating, which can lower sperm counts. What should you do if you work in one of the above fields? It's a difficult question with no easy answer. While researchers found poor sperm health for men who worked in these occupations, they have not looked at what will happen if they change jobs, or whether or not there are ways to avoid damaging your fertility health while still working in these positions.

Common sense dictates that avoiding contact with toxins in the workplace as much as possible would be vital, whether that means wearing a mask, wearing gloves, or just keeping your body well-covered and clean from chemicals. You already know many good reasons to kick your smoking habit. If you weren't convinced yet, now you have one more reason: Quitting smoking may increase your fertility.

Studies on smoking and semen quality found that smoking affects many aspects of sperm health, including decreased sperm counts, decreased sperm motility the swimming ability of the sperm , and sperm shape. If you're going through fertility treatments , it doesn't mean you're off the hook and can keep on smoking. Yet another reason to quit: Your smoking habit may harm your female partner's fertility. Research has found that women exposed to secondhand smoke have lower IVF success rates and possibly increased risks of pregnancy loss.

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The male reproductive organs are outside of the body for a reason—to keep them at temperatures lower than High temperatures can damage sperm. Avoiding sitting for long periods of time.

According to research, sitting for long periods of time can increase scrotal temperatures. If you have a desk job, or even a long commute to work, be sure to get up and walk around now and then. This is good for concentration, too, so you can boost your fertility and your energy all at once! Don't turn on your seat heater in the winter. Seat heaters, a feature found in some cars that warms up the seat of your car for cold winter mornings, can lead to higher than normal scrotal temperatures. Don't sit with your laptop in your lap.

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Both keeping your legs tightly together to balance the laptop, and the heat generated by the laptop itself, can lead to higher than normal scrotal temperatures. Instead, place your laptop on a desk or table. Whether or not boxers are more fertility-friendly than briefs is a matter of debate. One study says it makes a difference, but another found no difference.

As long as you're not wearing extremely tight, non-breathable fabric, your choice of underwear probably doesn't matter. One way to increase your fertility is to bring your weight to a healthier level. Being over or underweight can upset hormone balance, leading to lower sperm counts. Not sure if your weight is within the healthy zone? Check your body mass index BMI. Your BMI is a measurement of your weight that also takes into account your height.

In a study on thin men, they found that those with a BMI less than 20 had lower sperm concentration and a They also found that FSH, a hormone that plays a role in the reproductive system, was higher in slim men. In a separate study, men with obesity had lower testosterone levels. Also, as BMI levels went up, the incidence of lower sperm counts went up. For example, for men with a normal BMI, 5. In overweight men, 9. Too much alcohol can decrease your fertility. A study looking at alcoholics found that only 12 percent of the men had completely normal sperm counts and health, compared to 37 percent of non-smokers and non-alcoholics.

As the amount the men drank went up, sperm counts dropped, normal sperm shape decreased, and sperm motility worsened. Another study, this one looking at couples going through I VF treatment , found that for every additional drink a man consumed per day, the risk of conception not leading to a live birth increased by 2 to 8 times. This was especially true if the drinking occurred within a month of the IVF treatment.

Moderate drinking is probably okay, especially if you reserve those drinks to a few times a week, instead of daily. If you're going through IVF treatment, you might consider cutting out alcohol for the time being. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy may help increase your fertility. Who knew? Bacteriospermia, or the presence of bacteria in semen, has been linked to male infertility. In an interesting research study, 23 percent of men with bacteria present in their semen did not improve after treatment with antibiotics alone. The researchers conducted dental exams on some of the men who did not improve with antibiotics and found untreated dental problems present in all of them.

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In a test group, the patients' dental problems were treated. In a control group, the dental problems were not addressed. Six months after dental treatment, researchers tested the semen again.

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Two-thirds of the test group had improved semen health, while those in the control group who had not been treated still had poor semen health. Increasing your fertility is just one more reason to make the dreaded trip to the dentist every six months. The role of diet and fertility is not well understood.

That said, studies have attempted to look at possible connections between diet and fertility. This would include foods like pizza, processed meats, high-sugar junk foods, lots of refined grains, and high-sugar drinks. Choosing healthier proteins like fish and chicken , getting lots of veggies and fruits, eating healthy fats like olive oil and nuts , and more whole grains. Untreated diabetes may lead to infertility, specifically causing retrograde ejaculation. Even if you're without symptoms, you might want to get your blood sugars tested if you have been diagnosed with retrograde ejaculation.

Up to one-third of people with diabetes are unaware that they have the disease. An untreated infection of the reproductive system or urinary tract can cause infertility in men. For example, sexually transmitted diseases STDs may lead to reduced sperm motility, and repeated STD infection may lead to scarring, which can block the passage of semen.

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Some infections have no symptoms besides infertility, so regular testing is important. Other medical conditions that can lead to infertility are thyroid disease , Crohn's disease , celiac disease , Cushing's syndrome , and anemia.

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These diseases are also frequently missed. For example, it's not uncommon for someone to walk around with thyroid problems for years before getting a diagnosis. Be sure to get a well-check with your primary care doctor before you start trying to conceive. If you suspect something's not quite right with how you're feeling, voice these concerns. That nagging fatigue that never seems to leave may be something more. Get expert tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy.

More in Fertility Challenges. Do Eat antioxidant-rich foods Have frequent sex Limit soy intake Maintain a healthy weight Treat underlying medical conditions.

Don't Smoke Soak in the hot tub Take long, hot baths Sit with your laptop on your lap Wear constrictive underwear. A corresponding app then allows them to track their daily habits eating, sleep, exercise, etc. Brahmbhatt says that it usually takes at least three months to see a change in sperm quality after making necessary lifestyle adjustments, so checking things out at home first can get the ball rolling in the right direction.

More research needs to be done to determine the link. Heat can be damaging to the testicles, which are cooler than the rest of the body because they reside outside the body. Avoid hot tubs or anything that heats up your pelvis area, like laptops or heat packs, he says. Not only does having enough vitamins and minerals contribute to overall sperm health, but researchers have also discovered that the antioxidants found in many types of produce is associated with better semen quality. Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health found that healthy young men who watched more than 20 hours of TV a week had a 44 percent lower sperm count than those who watched almost no TV.

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They also found that men who exercised for 15 or more hours a week had a 73 percent higher sperm count than those who got less than five hours of activity. Regular exercise also helps maintain a healthy weight, another fertility factor.

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One study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that couples who had collectively high cholesterol levels took the longest time to get pregnant. Saturated and trans fats can cause blood pressure and cholesterol levels to spike; learn how to lower your cholesterol by eating the right foods.

Keep in mind that both high blood pressure and cholesterol are risk factors for general cardiovascular disease. If you have either or both, find ways to improve your diet and exercise so you can lower your risk.