How To Get Clients Using LinkedIn

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Be conscious about interacting with other content from people in your network, especially if that content has relatively high visibility.

In these cases, you want to engage meaningfully. This can actually help catch the attention of potential clients and put you on their radar.

You can search for the company you want to work with, review their company profile, and then seek out the decision maker who would make the call about hiring you. The first is to mention it outright in your profile.

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Since being connected through someone you both trust often works out better for both the client and the freelancer, this is a strategy you should use. We just discussed the importance of trust, and public, detailed recommendations on LinkedIn can go a long way to establishing both trust and credibility. Freelancers have unfortunately ended up with a reputation of being notoriously untrustworthy, and LinkedIn recommendations are a great way to show that you really are different from the rest. Reach out to your current clients and ask them to leave you a testimonial.

How to use LinkedIn to find clients: Stop sharing content—tell the truth

Many will say yes. When asking for reviews, know that you can never control what your clients or colleagues say about you.

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You can, however, request that they focus on something. Want to speed up the process? In addition to asking for a recommendation outright, once the client says yes you can also send them a prompt through LinkedIn.

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This makes it quick and easy for your clients to leave you a public recommendation. Having recommendations will go along way to establish credibility, though you should also do what you can to demonstrate your own knowledge and expertise on your own time, too.

In many cases, sharing your own insights about industry news, tips and tricks, or personal experiences will be a great place to start. It shows that you have experience in your field, and as more people engage, it could pick up some momentum and get shared. In essence, the process is simple. So, what can you do instead? This is far more effective than the method above and will generate far more business with much less effort.

Please note, while there is a free trial available for this plugin, there is a payment plan when this expires. You can find the pricing terms and plans for the plugin here on their website.

How to Engage Prospects on LinkedIn: A 5-Step Plan for Better Leads

The first you need to do is to head over to the LinkedIn Helper Extension page. You can find the extension here. The bot comes with a 1-week free trial that you can use to see whether the bot works for you before having to pay for the full service. Once installed, you should see the little icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen within the Chrome browser.

Feel free to explore the tabs and the settings at your own free will to get used to where everything is and what the features do.

How Spending 1 Hour Per Day In Linkedin Got me 3 Clients in Less Than a Month - Guild of Bloggers

As you might imagine, the connection message is a message that is automatically displayed when connecting with LinkedIn users. You can check this using free online tools like Easy Word Count or Citeitin. Any mystery that surrounds you as a business will simply cause the lead to dismissing you as spam.

For more information on writing the perfect connection messages that get results, simply check out Essay Roo or State of Writing — online writing resources with all the information you need.

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You could track different and unique social media accounts, an email address, locational areas and even market trends in your industry. Instead, try emailing your potential client based on a few points. Start it politely with their name and then start a small first paragraph where you list the benefits and services that your SEO business provides. In fact, the simpler the email is, the more effective it will be.