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The preceding occupants hadn't watered in about 2 years. In So. Cal, that kills most plants. I replanted with some Purple and Crimson Salvias. They are beautiful. From central Mexico, so they do well even in low water conditions. They both seem to bloom for a long time, about twice a year. I've got some established Daisies that do well. Bougainvillea are gorgeous once they're established. You will probably end up with two or three sets of plants that bloom in staggered timing.

Japanese Maples and Plumeria are also gorgeous.

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The trick is mixing and matching. Try to find all plants that like a certain water amount. You don't want to be planting high water plants next to semi arid flowering shrubs. Personally, I'd stick with all low water plants, except next to that leaky faucet They're better than Disneyland. Bougainvillas are not very hardy a good frost will kill them , take a fair amount of maintenance they need trimming and watering fairly often , and take a long time to get established, at least the bougainvillas we had at my parents' house.

Not a plant it and forget it type of plant. Gorgeous when in bloom though. Since it's a vine, its not really something you'd put in the front yard, unless you have a lattice you wanna cover. You made that sound like this is a mansion you are talking about. There's nothing wrong with admitting that. That's what my school does. Help Me. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

One word: plastic. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. A Truculent Bigot. Teach her to love weeds. Or sprinkle LSD on her cornflakes. Visalia is south of Fresno. Drought-tolerant and disease-resistant, these bright yellow flowers with big, brown-to-purple centers make easy additions to any garden. And if their sunny color alone doesn't make you smile, the butterflies they bring to your yard may do just that. But beware: The yellow-budded perennial also lures wildlife like rabbits and deer to your garden patch, so it's best to place them near plants known to be repellents, like lavender and rosemary.

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Dusty miller makes a striking statement in any garden. The lacy, silver-gray leaves contrast with vibrant green foliage, so it works nicely as a lush backdrop for shorter plants or a border around taller plants. Besides its beauty, dusty miller has another noteworthy quality: ease of maintenance. The deer-resistant plant requires little care once established, and it will happily tolerate both heat and drought. The low-growing perennial is often used as a border plant or ground cover, and it bursts with spikes of pink-purple flowers in the spring.

For best results, grow in areas of full sun or partial shade with well- draining soil. The feathery green foliage of Arkansas blue star changes with the season. After blooming with soft blue star-shaped flowers in the spring, it develops green feathery needle-like leaves in the summer, which turn brilliant gold in the fall. The leaves remain through a portion of the winter months as well. Low-maintenance Arkansas blue star resists deer and drought, making it a durable and beautiful option for any garden. Many homeowners combine the perennial with other grasses or use it as a border plant.

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Grow Arkansas blue star in full sun to partial shade, and make sure it has well-draining soil. Fountain grass has feathery, cascading blooms that bring dramatic interest and texture to your yard—especially when planted in groups. The perennial grows in a mound shape, and its tan, pink, or purple flowers appear in late summer and fall.

For an attention-grabbing garden design, grow fountain grass as an accent among other shrubs or green perennials. Catmint, a non-culinary mint variety, is a long-living perennial with beautiful purple-blue flowers and gray-green foliage. Blooming in early spring, catmint grows up to three or four feet tall.

Gardeners often plant the aromatic herb in rock gardens or along edging. Catmint is easy to grow, tolerates both heat and drought, and resists deer and rabbits although, true to its name, it attracts cats. Tremendously popular with American gardeners since the late Victorian era, clematis satisfies not only in the rapid speed of its growth, but also in its delightful tendency to climb and cover outdoor structures, lending shade, privacy, and undeniably charming curb appeal.

The color, size, and timing of clematis blooms differ by variety. Some explode with large, violet-petaled flowers in the middle of spring, while others produce small, white blooms, which arrive in late summer or fall. All that said, no matter which variety you choose, you can expect the hardy perennial to always fare best when positioned in full sun and planted in cool, moist, well-draining soil.

Virginia-native coral honeysuckle grows naturally across much of the United States, from the northern reaches of Maine all the way down to the Florida Panhandle and as far west as Illinois. Meaning, despite the look of its show-stopping, hummingbird-attracting, trumpet-shaped blooms—or its bright-red, later-summer berries—this twisting, twining vine needs no special attention. Grow it in full sun or partial shade, and don't worry too much about watering, as coral honeysuckle withstands drought admirably well. Note only that if you wish for the vine to climb rather than grow into shrub or a ground cover, you must train it do so with narrow supports.

Why do so many homeowners continue to plant butterfly bush, even though many experts now consider the Asian import to be an invasive species? In addition, true to its name, butterfly bush typically doesn't fail to attract—you guessed it! So, there's a lot to like.

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However, unless you're prepared to see butterfly bush take over your garden, and perhaps you neighbors' gardens as well, remember that you must make sure to select a sterile, non-invasive variety, one whose full, mature size would fit in the sunny spot you plan for it to occupy. Also, bear in mind that bog rosemary no relation to the herb rosemary can be poisonous if ingested, so you may wish to look elsewhere if you have pets or children.

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My anniversary happens to be that same weekend and I tell him all the time On occasion he has sent white roses to me, for special years, and they are spectacular, but like you, I would rather have a kindness and romance all year long! Besides, I am a huge fan of the grocery store tulip bunch and he bring those home once a week White roses are soo beautiful!! I am a year round romantic for sure. And I do love flowers anytime my husband brings them home- but he definitely shouldn't feel the need to pay 3x as much Valentine's week.

I tell my hubby the same thing I would love something for the house rather than flowers on Valentine's Day Got my eye on something too I hope the mirror finds it way home to you Well said. I am much happier with a little DIY help anyhow. I can buy my own roses ;. I totally agree. I have received a lot of flowers over the years since my husband and I met and I adore them, especially yellow roses.

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Now, I would rather have a dinner out or, perhaps, a movie date! I feel the same way! I could have written this same post I worked in a florist shop and the first year was shocked at how the prices went up. The prices are way too high to begin with in my opinion but at Valentines it is horrible!! I would like something for the house better too!

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Love going out to dinner for a nice, romantic night. Have a beautiful weekend. I'm with you -- romance should be daily!! I love hydrangeas and daisies and peonies!! So, for this time of year I'll forget the roses and hubby does so many other "nice" things for me. Very well put! I just mentioned to my husband a few days ago that instead of cut flowers, I would love a new rose to plant.