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This is a wedding after all and the aura should be full of happiness and fun!

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Below are different factors that will make the MC at your wedding the best one yet! Preparation is incredibly important for a wedding MC as they are the ones who will be running the event. They should know what is going on for the night before they arrive for the wedding. A well-prepared master of ceremonies will know everyone and everything at the wedding they will be hosting.

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They should know what will be happening for the event and when, the coordinator, VIPs, and what is most important for the bride and groom. If they will be introducing a wedding party they should know who is on the list for that party as well as get the correct pronunciations of names.

When it comes to the master of ceremonies for this illustrious event, all the guests should know who will be speaking most of the night. Guests should also be informed of what to expect as the night progresses and the fun rises.

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A great MC will introduce the venue to the guests as well as where to hang their coats, inform guests where the bathrooms are located, etc. They will be the one that all the eyes are on during announcements and transitions throughout the reception. Our bathrooms are right over there, and all the fountain drinks come with free refills. Can I get you started with an appetizer or something from the bar? He has given helpful information and done it in a succinct and professional manner. But we have all been to those restaurants where the waiter comes over and kneels down.

That, to me, is blathering.

Role of the Wedding MC

We do a succinct, professional-caliber introduction speech to make the guests assured that they are in good hands for the night…things will be organized, timely, and fun. A good welcome speech builds rapport between us and the crowd, which can translate into people not leaving early, more dancing, and more photo-worthy dance floor antics.

Please take your seats so we can officially welcome our guests of honor. If you need to charge your devices, I do have a mini charging station up here including some universal chargers. The nearest restrooms are located on the upper lawn behind me. The connection between them was pretty much immediate.

They both knew they loved each other but neither said anything.

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